So you want free Christmas ornaments

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Gold and Silver Acorn

Growing up in a large family, it was easy to feel invisible, especially for me.  I was a shy, quiet little girl for many reasons.  But my grandmother Agnes Deslattes Schexnayder made me feel special.  When she was alive and she died when I was in 9th grade, she was my idol.  I even took her name for my confirmation name.  My mom has 9 in her family.  I have 6 crazy, beautiful aunts and 2 wonderful uncles that are her brothers and sisters.  And when she was alive, we spent every Christmas at her home.  Imagine, 17 to 18 adults, 10 to 15 teenagers and several young children, including 2 great grandchildren who were very close in age to the youngest grandchildren.  But my grandmother some how made us all feel wanted.  She would give each of us some small gift that she had made.  One of my favorites was painted acorns with dimes or quarters in them.

Two color acorn.
A double acorn that I painted both gold and silver.

The ornaments were very simple.  I found an oak tree with large acorns and cleaned them.  You may need to bake them for about 2 hours at 225 degrees or the lowest setting on your oven.  I actually used my toaster oven for these.  This kills any bugs that may be in the acorns.

After baking and cooling, you drill 2 small holes and string some ribbon or embroidery threads.  I then used Gorilla glue to glue the cap to the nut.  After drying, I painted them with craft acrylic paint in metallic silver and gold.

I also made burlap acorns out of plastic Easter eggs.  I glued them closed with super glue, then primed them and painted them the same color as the burlap.  In my case I used some scraps of blue burlap that I had.  I made burlap circles and gathered them with thread and then hot glue them to the egg.  I then I cut up the pine cones after baking them like the acorns.  I took the pieces and then hot glued them over the edges of the burlap to look like acorns.

Burlap acorns.
The burlap acorns that I created from scraps and pine cones.

Finally, I bought some glass ornaments from T J Maxx & Hobby Lobby when they were on sale.  Another little trick I do is make my tree look taller than it really is.  I guess I am lazy.  And a large tree is a lot of work.  I don’t have any grandchildren or a whole lot of visitors for them to see.   I live on a main highway but want to appear like we celebrate the season.  So I use a 3 ft tree and put it on a 30 inch stool with a nativity tree skirt I made years ago.  Here is my little acorn tree and yes I know acorns don’t grow on pine trees but my evergreen has acorns, live with it.  lol

little acorn tree
Here is my acorn Christmas tree.