The wedding is Friday

Published on Author sadhuguet

Well my second son is getting married Friday and I cannot get into the dress I bought.  Probably if I had lost another 5 lbs, I could have fit into it.  I have been fighting my weight for the last 6 months and have only lost 20 lbs.  It seems like the harder I tried to loose the weight the slower I lost.  Now I seem to be stuck in a 5 lb rut, back & forth.  So my back up dress will be what I wear.  I am tired, just tired.  While I am truly happy & want to be with my son on his special day and I love my soon to be daughter in law, I hate the thought of an eight hour drive to Louisiana.

I just finished weeding and planting all of my veggie & flower gardens.  That might be why I am tired too.  And today it is raining in all of the work.  So that is good.  My art work has been put to the side because of the wedding and the planting.  But I am in the middle of a series of portraits for my niece and my sister in law.  I am afraid I may be starting a small fight with these paintings but they are so much fun.  I should be finished with them for Mother’s Day & will make great Mother’s Day presents.

I am rambling but lately rambling seems the best I can do.  I have been unable to secure more room for the many people standing at our little church.  Nobody wants to change the current sanctuary or buy a new sanctuary or open the church to newcomers.  They seem unable to see that if you do not welcome new people, the church will die.  OR maybe they only want to welcome the right people, you know the white people who have money.  We are growing rapidly and many of the people are Hispanic blue collar & farm workers.  I wonder if these people listen to the Bible readings every Sunday and I wonder if they really believe what Jesus preached.  He said he did not come for the righteous but for the sinners and to free the poor.  Well Lord if you are listening & I know you are, help us grow & help us find the solution.