The Studio and my home have moved.

Published on Author sadhuguet

My husband has been transferred and so the next adventure will be packing the house, storing the stuff for the house and the studio until we find the perfect place.  So in January we began.  After four weeks of packing both the house and the RV, we moved into the RV and headed for Louisiana,  Yes, Louisiana, home.  So glad to be home.  So we were in New Orleans working for a week, then a week in Baton Rouge and then permanently assigned to Lafayette, Louisiana.  Yes, I know it isn’t exactly where I grew up and but it is close enough.  Fresh seafood, Cajun food, Cajun heritage and most of all the friendly people of South Louisiana.

It has been ten months since this adventure began and I am tired and a little sad.  We have lived in our RV for 4 months, bought a house and are doing renovations for that last 4+ months and am ready for a vacation.  I am hoping for a good Christmas but I am so tired I am not sure I could enjoy it.  The election has been insane, thank you Lord for it being over.  But I am not sure if the results are the right one or not.  I tried starting a work at home business but that bombed too.  My studio just arrived and because of the size of the house I really don’t have one here.  I am presently without areal space that I would call a studio.  My creativity has been a little stifled and the emotional toll has been exhausting.

Sorry for the rant but the last few months have been an emotional drain.  I plan to start painting again soon and the house is almost ready to go.  It will have a large entertainment area and it has a beautiful porch and hopefully soon a new studio.

So today I am posting an update and as soon as I can I will post the final pictures of the remodel.  Sorry I don’t have any today.