The Nest is Empty

Published on Author sadhuguet

Today my youngest child is starting orientation for her new job, Art Teacher at a Middle School in another city in South Georgia.  She moved out yesterday, officially, but I am sure this weekend there will be a few more car loads of art supplies, clothing & furniture to put into her flat.  It was a joyful and sad day at the same time because the nest if officially empty.

My husband & I will be pretty much alone in this house now.  Anyone want to buy 23 acres & a 3 BR 2 BA house in South Georgia?  I live really close to Florida and the property taxes are MUCH lower here but you have the dream of a gentleman’s farm that would be perfect for an art colony retreat, organic farm to sell local produce, or just a gentleman’s farm with hunting, fishing, gardening and chickens all on the property.  There is even room for cows & horses if you put up the fences.

My daughter did what everyone in academia told her was not possible.  She got a teaching job right out of college.  Every person at the job fairs and the career centers told her that she should have picked a back up degree, so she did, theatre.  When she would tell them that, the usual response was I am so sorry honey.  You know kinda like “Bless Your Heart.”  I am very proud of her and I know that her students will thoroughly enjoy her teaching.  Her classes will be full of laughter(she always smiles), craziness(after all the minor was Theatre) and fun.

So I salute and raise a glass to my hero, my daughter for doing what everyone said she couldn’t.  I love you Rebecca and am very proud to say your are my daughter.  Look out world because my pumpkin will blow you away. 🙂