The holidays have come and gone

Published on Author sadhuguet

Well it is the first week of February 2013 and I have been so busy.  I am making corsets for the second son’s wedding in April.  My first son got engaged and plans to get married in August.  My niece got engaged and is planning to get married in September.  I opened an Art Gallery called The Gallery at C.B.M. inside Christian Books & More in Moultrie, GA.  I got a job teaching painting parties at a Valdosta, GA Winery and have already held 1 class and have 3 more scheduled.  I am trying to paint, teach, and enlarge the gallery hanging space.

First lets start with my son’s wedding in April.  It will be held at a castle in Louisiana so it will be a traveling wedding and my daughter will be standing and so will all of my boys.  I have and will continue to loose weight for the weddings.  I love my soon to be daughter in law, Kate, because she is sweet, smart and able to handle Micheal and his personality.  I really believe and hope there are best friends and this will be a permanent relationship for both of them

The second wedding will be in August.  No details yet.  But I love this soon to be daughter in law too.  Matthew has found a funny, strong woman who tells him like it is and keeps him on the straight and narrow.  Something he really needs.  Mandi has a beautiful little boy, Caison and he is a sweetheart.  I believe this a good match too and both will be happy for a long time.

My niece’s wedding will be interesting.  While I have met her fiance’ I haven’t really gotten to know him.  I hope he will be Jennifer’s true love because she is such a wonderful person and she deserves to be truly happy.

The gallery is in full swing.  I cannot believe it has finally happened.  I have a new artist and a total of four so far.  I now have to add more hanging space so I can add more artists.  And there are two more in the wings who are talking about possibly jumping on board and selling their work.  Very exciting things are happening to me.

Well that is the update for now.  Hope you have happy travels and adventures until we talk again.