The computer will be moving

Published on Author sadhuguet

Well Rebecca has been moved and she has begun her new job.  I am very proud of her.  The only problem is now the computer, her computer, will be moving too.  I will hopefully be able to get a new one soon.  I am trying to get my career really moving and now there is another obstacle.  Just when my daughter has moved out of my art studio, the computer dies.  Another obstacle to overcome and I will.

The good news is I have my studio BACK!!  It will take about a week to clean out the studio and organize it, then I can finish the painting I have been in the middle of forever and then start something new.  I just will have to figure out how to do more marketing so I can sell my art.

The world seems to flip on a dime around here and I almost always survive and I will this time again.  Time to do some window surfing to find out how much to save.