The Bailey Cafe

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I am sitting here in the middle of North Carolina in a town that has one stop light and one blinking light and wishing that this cafe was in my present town.  I am over a thousand miles from Moultrie and am on WI-FI, eating a monster piece of carrot cake, very good carrot cake at that, and drinking a cup of coffee.  There are more people here in this store than are usually in any store in Moultrie, except for maybe Beans & Strings.  Thank you, Lord for reminding how wonderful traveling with Day can be and how wonderful the small towns of the USA are.

I loved the teapots on the shelf, it reminded me of my Mom's collection.
I loved the teapots on the shelf, it reminded me of my Mom’s collection.

After living in Moultrie for almost 15 years, I have become jaded against the town.  I have learned that gossip is Moultrie’s greatest entertainment and it saddens me.  Idle gossip about who is dating who is one thing but Moultrie’s gossip leans very closely to lies and character assassination.  Once I got to know someone just a little bit, the first thing they would do tell me something ugly about someone else I know in town.

The teapots in the Bailey Cafe
Teapots everywhere, two walls almost full of teapots.

Now back to the Bailey Cafe and country sweetness.  It is a small cafe maybe 20 tables, the walls are lined with shelves loaded with teapots, easily 500 of them.  Animals, characters, brown, pink and just classic teapots.  I could spend a day just sketching them but I am only allowed a few hours here and there are other things I need to do.  Teapots are part of my childhood, my mom collected them and I broke a few while running through the house.  They invoke sweet memories when I felt safe and wanted and I love teapots and drinking hot tea.

My only problem is the last thing my diet needs is this wonderful home made cake.  So I will go back to eating healthy tomorrow, even though carrots, walnuts and cheese can be considered healthy, right? 🙂