How to build a DIY desk for your studio

My daughter Rebecca is a costume designer and seamstress.  She is also an art teacher and does a lot of her lesson plans in her home before she takes them into the classroom.  Being a recent college graduate and having little or no money. She, her Daddy & I put our heads together to build… Continue reading How to build a DIY desk for your studio

The computer will be moving

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Well Rebecca has been moved and she has begun her new job.  I am very proud of her.  The only problem is now the computer, her computer, will be moving too.  I will hopefully be able to get a new one soon.  I am trying to get my career really moving and now there is… Continue reading The computer will be moving

The Nest is Empty

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Today my youngest child is starting orientation for her new job, Art Teacher at a Middle School in another city in South Georgia.  She moved out yesterday, officially, but I am sure this weekend there will be a few more car loads of art supplies, clothing & furniture to put into her flat.  It was… Continue reading The Nest is Empty

Just wondering how to make life better

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Sometimes I feel like I haven’t helped anyone, especially my family.  Then I remember that we will never know the small things we do that helped someone along the way.  Presently, I am on a committee to plan the future of our church.  A committee that has only existed for 18 months.  And in that… Continue reading Just wondering how to make life better

Day 11, still no power to my well

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Yes, DAY 11.  Just came back from vacation on the 6th to find that my house had been struck by lightning twice.  One strike was so bad the pole, meter, and breaker box were all melted & fried.  Called Colquitt EMC and they sent someone out within the hour.  YAY!  That was 11 days ago. … Continue reading Day 11, still no power to my well