WE’RE HOME, well almost.

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Four months ago, my husband was transferred from Georgia to Louisiana and we began a new adventure in house hunting. And today we finally signed the paperwork for the loan and the new house. We purchased a Creole French Acadian house built in 1945 in South Louisiana. I love old houses for several reasons. First of… Continue reading WE’RE HOME, well almost.

How to build a DIY desk for your studio

My daughter Rebecca is a costume designer and seamstress.  She is also an art teacher and does a lot of her lesson plans in her home before she takes them into the classroom.  Being a recent college graduate and having little or no money. She, her Daddy & I put our heads together to build… Continue reading How to build a DIY desk for your studio

The computer will be moving

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Well Rebecca has been moved and she has begun her new job.  I am very proud of her.  The only problem is now the computer, her computer, will be moving too.  I will hopefully be able to get a new one soon.  I am trying to get my career really moving and now there is… Continue reading The computer will be moving

My Etsy site or How I sell my artwork

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Art has become my life line.  When everything in my world is wrong or off kilter, I paint or draw.  When my demons reappear, I paint.  This ability to create art allows me to express myself in ways words cannot.  I become what I am painting and find peace and joy like nothing else.  If… Continue reading My Etsy site or How I sell my artwork