How to make a DIY headboard for almost free

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I needed a DIY headboard for a queen bed.  Now don’t get me wrong, I did buy two beds a few years ago but my daughter moved out and took the guest bedroom suite with her.  And the one thing I hate more than anything is a bed without a head board.  So I decided… Continue reading How to make a DIY headboard for almost free

Playing with the children’s portraits

Lately I am focusing on portraits, mainly children’s portraits.  I love being around children for many reasons.  I always seemed to end up the babysitter or the one that the children feel most comfortable.  I use watercolors for my children’s portraits because of the softness from watercolors.  The innocence of children seems to come through… Continue reading Playing with the children’s portraits

Rose Festival Paint Out

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Just spent a wonderful weekend at the Thomasville, Ga Rose Festival painting in a Plein Air Paint Out.  The Wiregrass Gallery in Thomasville, GA and The Accidental Gallery in Boston, GA sponsored a three day, four site plein air competition with 20 artists.  I participated in it mostly for the night painting session and this… Continue reading Rose Festival Paint Out

The computer will be moving

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Well Rebecca has been moved and she has begun her new job.  I am very proud of her.  The only problem is now the computer, her computer, will be moving too.  I will hopefully be able to get a new one soon.  I am trying to get my career really moving and now there is… Continue reading The computer will be moving

The Nest is Empty

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Today my youngest child is starting orientation for her new job, Art Teacher at a Middle School in another city in South Georgia.  She moved out yesterday, officially, but I am sure this weekend there will be a few more car loads of art supplies, clothing & furniture to put into her flat.  It was… Continue reading The Nest is Empty

Morning World

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It is morning here in South Georgia and I cannot seem to get started for some reason.  The quiet of this morning is anything but motivating me.  I cannot even seem to blog about anything important.  So I won’t but I will say how much I am enjoying the weather, except for the gnats, it… Continue reading Morning World