Musings of a Thursday

Published on Author sadhuguet

Well it has been a while since I published a post.  I have written several but didn’t publish them simply because I know that even if a lot of people don’t read it someone will.  And when that happens, it will be something that cannot be taken back.  So I often write and not publish because the internet is so easily passed around.  I always double check before publishing.  I just follow the simple idea, think before you speak or write.

It has been an interesting November, my mother in law came to visit at the beginning of the month to pick pecans.  It was an okay pecan season, about 700 pounds.  Not the best we ever had, but not the worst either.  This week has been tiring for me.  I haven’t felt my best, it could be the weather, it could be the work they are doing in the fields that surround the house or it just could be that time of the month.  Don’t know, but today I am feeling better and will be walking and exercising today.

I sometimes wonder why I am in Georgia still.  We moved here to be closer to Day’s family but they have moved because of their work and the passing of Mr. Day, but we are still here.  My sons have moved back home and my baby girl will be moving next year and we are still here.  I miss my home and my children.  I so want to see my sons and not have to drive eight hours to see them.  I am still not working, still not producing income.  But I still have hope.  I am opening a gallery with several other artists so that I can sell my paintings if I can find the money.  Yeah that demon is still there, no money, he doesn’t stop me from painting.  Hopefully, I will begin selling art or really selling more art.  I have made more money off of my art this year than I did last year but I still am not making a living or helping to support my family.  I think I did make enough money to support my supplies this year but I still have not made enough to pay for my easels and supplies from last year and this year.

I spent close to $700 on easels and supplies last year and this year, but only took in about $500 so far.  Hopefully the bricks and mortar building will sell more than the Etsy site but who knows.  The gallery is located in Christian Books & More building in Moultrie, GA and will be called The Gallery at C.B.M.  It is located at 1612 1st Ave S.E. Moultrie, GA.  Hopefully it will be the start of more sales and help me at least pay for my art.  I will be taking possession of the space on December 1st and hopefully doing a grand opening on the 15th of December or January.