How to make a free(almost) advent wreath

Published on Author sadhuguet

One of the pitfalls and blessings of being an artist is zero to little money coming in.  I am very blessed.  My husband is employed and despite having an art degree and several years experience of graphic design, I haven’t been continually employed over the last 5 years.  So celebrations are usually limited to food and very little decorations.  I usually just use the same ones over and over.  This year I wanted an advent wreath.  I have wanted one for several years but did not want to spend a great deal of money on them.  So I took a trip to the dollar store to see what I could find.  For six dollars I came up with a pretty cute wreath.

Dollar store wreath
An advent wreath for less than $10

Now I already had the candles and the ribbon so it would cost another $6.00 to make if you made it but most of us have candles in storage and purple and pink ribbon hanging around, right?  I actually am a candle hoarder, yes I admit that but I also collect candle holders.  I have several rules about it and one day when we finally quit moving and we purchase our last house, I will be able to light my whole house with them including my porch and outside kitchen.  At last count I had 4 dozen plus candles both battery powered and real ones and at least 6 pair of candle holders(must be pairs) that hold tapers and pillars.  Plus I have several battery powered sets.

So back to the dollar store.  While there I purchased 4 glass candle candle holders, 4 battery powered candles, a 9.8″ Styrofoam wreath, green ornament hangers and a 9 ft garland.  The battery candles come 2 to the package and my husband prefers them but I prefer real candles.  I also bought purple ribbons because I could not remember if I had purple ribbon.  Now you only need the candle holders or the battery candles so you could save two to four dollars there.

shopping list
Total cost $10 for candle holders and wreath materials.

I wrapped the 9″ foam wreath with the 9 foot garland and secured them with green ornament hanger wires that I bent into U shaped wires that I pushed into the foam.  I then tied the ribbons into bows and again used the ornament hangers to twist the bows together.  I tied the bows to the glass candle holders and fit them into the wreath and my advent wreath was finished.

Simple, quick, cute and not too expensive.  Have a blessed Advent everyone.