Just a maybe day

Published on Author sadhuguet

I don’t know about you but I have good days and bad days.  And today is a maybe day.  It maybe good or it maybe bad.  I am tired and alone today, really need God to send me a visitor.  Didn’t have a good night’s sleep and I did accomplish a little bit today but not enough, at least in my opinion.  I am tired, just tired.  I just went through a series of antibiotics and steroids for a sinus infection and maybe this is just a hangover from all the drugs.  I am one of the unlucky people who strongly react to almost any drug, even aspirin.  So today is a maybe day.

Did I mention I really don’t like maybe days?

Well the day is almost over and it will get better.  Day will be home after spending the night out for work so I won’t be alone tonight.  I just wish I had the desire to really cook something besides canned beans and rice, even if it is Blue Runner beans.

Good day to you all, I hope your day is not a maybe day.