The house is almost finished and soon the studio will be to.

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Encaustic on cradled board
Mike the Tiger

It has been a long 8 months but the house is finally almost done.  We have been working hard on the house.  The next step is the studio.  It looks like the yard and the studio are finally becoming a priority. The inside of the house only requires vanities and to finish the flooring.  There is light at the end of the rainbow and the so we began the landscaping.  Our front porch is slowly being emptied of building supplies and the curtains are being made and hung.  The next step after finishing the bathroom will be the front steps of the home and loads of gravel and rock for the driveway.  Soon we will be able to build my studio.  But for now I am working on the porch in encaustics. Here are a few of my new creations.

I apologize for not writing more but renovations are taking a priority and I hope to start making more regular blog posts.

Encaustic on Cradled Board
Perched Pelicans
Encaustic on cradled board
Colorful Cock



I am excited about my new journey back home in Louisiana but Acadiana is new to me.  I am originally from the Plantation area of Louisiana and have learned a few things already that is different about the two areas.  Acadiana cooks with more heat and less spice and is more Creole in nature, while the Plantation area uses more spices, especially garlic and lemon.  And the New Orleans area is a combination of both but leans more to the Creole type of cooking with tomatoes and lots of pepper.  I have had a few problems with the amount of pepper the restaurants use here.  What they call mild, I call hot.  They also use a hot sauce on their boiled seafood instead of soaking the seafood like we do on the other side of the Atchafalaya.  And that seems to be the difference, the Atchafalaya.  The Italians, Irish and French settled mostly on the East side of the Atchafalaya, while the Germans, Spanish and French settled mostly on the West side of the Atchafalaya.  The Atchafalaya and the Mississippi divide not just the state but also the culture.