Happy gardening and Happy Spring!!!

Published on Author sadhuguet

Today is the first day of Spring and I am so glad it is here.  I just finished planting 3 more thornless blackberry bushes.  I spent the week weeding and working my herb garden.  I planted some thyme, Mexican tarragon and peppermint plants.  I also planted quite a few seeds.  Playing in the dirt is my joy.  There is something about getting dirt under my nails and planting seeds only to watch the plants come up.

Now I am no master gardener, I just learned what I know from my father and grandfather.  I often have no luck with germinating seeds in the garden so I always plant back up seeds.  I take between 10 to 12 seeds and plant them in the green house on a germination heat pad so that the seeds stay warm and moist.  In the garden the seeds do not always stay moist so germinating a dozen or so plants for back up makes sure that I have the plants I want and feel I need for the summer.  And this year is no different.

And here are few hints I have learned from my father and grandfather that might help you.  Plant by the moon, basically if it is an above ground plant you are to plant when the moon is going from a new moon to a full moon.  And if it is a root vegetable or a below ground plant you are to plant from the full moon to the new moon.  I know it sounds hokey or superstitious but there is something too it.  The ground is drier when the moon is decreasing so the root vegetables don’t rot and grow better and it is vice versa with the above ground plants.  Another hint, buy a germination heating mat especially if you germinate seeds in a hot house during the winter.  These mats do something that even a hot house cannot do, warm the dirt and keep them at a constant temperature and this consistency helps germinate the seeds.  My germination rate doubled the first year I used my mat.  And maybe the most important, plant seeds to make back up plants in small pots in case your seeds don’t germinate.

I also have some portraits going that I just haven’t had time to photograph and post.  Don’t worry though I am hoping that after Easter I will be have a lot to show you.  Don’t forget I still have some work on my Etsy site:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/sadhuguet?  Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!