The house is almost finished and soon the studio will be to.

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It has been a long 8 months but the house is finally almost done.  We have been working hard on the house.  The next step is the studio.  It looks like the yard and the studio are finally becoming a priority. The inside of the house only requires vanities and to finish the flooring.  There… Continue reading The house is almost finished and soon the studio will be to.

WE’RE HOME, well almost.

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Four months ago, my husband was transferred from Georgia to Louisiana and we began a new adventure in house hunting. And today we finally signed the paperwork for the loan and the new house. We purchased a Creole French Acadian house built in 1945 in South Louisiana. I love old houses for several reasons. First of… Continue reading WE’RE HOME, well almost.

How to make a free(almost) advent wreath

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One of the pitfalls and blessings of being an artist is zero to little money coming in.  I am very blessed.  My husband is employed and despite having an art degree and several years experience of graphic design, I haven’t been continually employed over the last 5 years.  So celebrations are usually limited to food… Continue reading How to make a free(almost) advent wreath

Rose Festival Paint Out

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Just spent a wonderful weekend at the Thomasville, Ga Rose Festival painting in a Plein Air Paint Out.  The Wiregrass Gallery in Thomasville, GA and The Accidental Gallery in Boston, GA sponsored a three day, four site plein air competition with 20 artists.  I participated in it mostly for the night painting session and this… Continue reading Rose Festival Paint Out